My son is very sensitive to sugar in his behavior but loves sweets. What healthier/low sugar food recommendations do you have that would keep him content?

Too much sugar is never a good thing, especially when it is found in excess in a child’s diet. You can still provide your kids great tasting sweet foods that are naturally lower in sugar. First I would recommend healthy options to keep your child hydrated. Instead of sugar-heavy beverages, such as soda pop or regular juice, drink more water and low-fat milk. If you need something with a little more flavor, try reduced-sugar juice cocktails, such as Old Orchard’s Healthy Balance or Cranberry Naturals, which are often rich in taste, but low in sugar and calories. Fruit is such a wonderful and healthy sweet addition to snacks and mealtimes. If your child is craving a sweet treat, make him a “shake”. But instead of sugary ice cream or chocolate syrup, add healthy and “fruity” ingredients. Start with plain Greek yogurt and add his favorite frozen fruit to the blender (strawberries and bananas make a great combination). To this add a little ice and some milk and you have one healthy treat that should satisfy his sweet tooth. Make your own frozen pops! Skip the sugary store bought popsicles and make your own at home. Start with some fresh blueberries or chopped peaches and add these to an empty popsicle mold. Then top with Healthy Balance juice and freeze. These are deliciously healthy, sweet but low calorie treats. Your child may also enjoy fruit kabobs on a stick or dried fruit/trail mix. In the morning, put the sugar-heavy breakfast cereals away for a few weeks and replace them with whole grain cereals, low fat granola, or low sugar oatmeal. Finally, reduce the amount of sugar in foods prepared at home. For baking, add spices like cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg and ginger to bring out the sweet flavor of foods.

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