With 3 growing boys 2 of which are teenagers & a 7 year old with a peanut allergy I am always looking for high protein breakfasts that do not contain peanuts. Any advice?

Peanut allergies are scary, so it is good that you are a concerned mom and interested in learning ideas to not only keep your kids safe, but also fill your children with healthy foods! Snacks can be a great way to keep your kids satisfied between meals. Healthy breakfasts should primarily consist of complex carbohydrates, healthy fat, and yes…you guessed it… protein! I would first recommend sitting down with your kids and reviewing a list of high protein foods. Remember: you don’t have to serve just “breakfast” foods in the morning. Let them know that foods like eggs, sliced/cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, milk, beans, whole grains, and meat are all high protein foods. You could go with a traditional breakfast idea and make a breakfast burrito: Corn tortilla filled with two scrambled eggs, sautéed onions, 1/4 cup of black beans and pico de gallo. Or opt for a sweeter breakfast including Greek yogurt paired with soft peach/pear/orange slices (chopped small). Both are great ways to fill your child with protein, vitamins and fiber. Homemade fruit smoothies are always a crowd favorite! Get your blender out and choose fresh or frozen fruit, Greek yogurt, juice (try Old Orchard 100% fruit juice) and ice. They will get so many vitamins and minerals with this and may think it is a dessert rather than a healthy snack. Step outside of normal and whip up a non-traditional breakfast of a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich or stuff half of a whole wheat pita with shredded chicken, hummus, and feta cheese. Regardless of your child’s protein preferences, having some form of breakfast in the morning will definitely start their day off right and give them the energy to do their best at school!

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