Hi Amy, I've noticed that my appetite is nonexistent and I have to make myself eat and its even hard for me to remember if I've even eaten that day. On days I work I do drink coffee to keep me going I'm at the age of 32...what's going on with me Nervous

I wonder…have you had any personal changes that could impact your appetite (i.e. increased workload? Family stresses? Relationship issues? Any major alterations in the amount you sleep?) Sometimes new and added stress can really decrease appetite. Other things that can reduce appetite include: new medications, changes in physical activity levels, hormone shifts, changes in outdoor temperature, etc. I recommend making an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she may be able to diagnose any major reasons for your loss of appetite.

Remembering to eat can be tricky if your appetite has decreased. Many of my patients who are going through treatment tell me that it is easy to go all day and not remember to eat. First I would encourage you to reduce the amount of caffeine you consume. It can really affect metabolism and may affect how hungry you are throughout the day. Now make an effort to make food a priority. Now that you have recognized that your appetite is not what it usually is, I recommend preparing meals and snacks the night before so it will be ready and packed for the next day. You may try to take in smaller amounts of food more frequently throughout the day in order to not overwhelm your system with too much food at one time. Foods that pack well to take with you to work include: pre made smoothies in a travel mug, protein bars, pieces of fruit, 100% fruit juice, yogurt, peanut butter/crackers, hummus/carrots, half of a bagel with cream cheese, trail mix, a mixture of seeds and nuts, etc. Then I would suggest preparing your schedule to remember that it is time for a snack. You can set up a planned time on your Outlook calendar as a visual cue or set an alarm on your phone as another way to remind you that eating is very important. Enlist the help of a co-worker also! Set aside 15 minutes for a “huddle” to discuss important work related topics while you have a snack. Overall it can be challenging to eat adequately when one’s appetite has decreased, so thinking of food as “medicine” and planning ahead/making it a priority is very important.

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