What are some helpful hints to get kids that adamantly refuse to eat most green vegetables to eat them?

It is good that you are trying to get your kids to eat more healthfully. It is true that kids are not always thrilled about eating fruits and vegetables. To get your kids excited about good nutrition I would first be a good role model. Show your children by example that fruits and vegetables are delicious and let them see how much you enjoy eating them. Now think about making food fun, and definitely get the kids involved. One healthy and delicious snack that you can make together is baked zucchini chips! Thinly slice zucchini and then set up an assembly line where each child has a role. Have one dunk the sliced zucchini into 2% milk, then hand off to another child to dredge the zucchini through bread crumbs and finally place the zucchini on an oven rack. Now sprinkle with a little Parmesan cheese and bake for 30 minutes. The kids will love the taste. You can also make snack time play time and have kids make pizza faces. Use whole wheat English muffins and top with pizza sauce then use green pepper for a smiling mouth and black olives for the eyes. Cut cherry tomatoes in half for the ears and throw in broccoli for hair. Smoothies are another great way to get a variety of colorful fruits and veggies into your kid’s diet. You can use spinach or kale in the smoothie but be sure to add blueberries to hide the green color if the children are skeptical. To get kids to eat more fruit think about making fruit kabobs or have kids cut fruits into fun shapes using a cookie cutter. Utilize foods that you already know kids like and add fruits and vegetables to them. For example, cut up a banana and add to a peanut butter sandwich or toss peas into macaroni and cheese. If your kids like chip dip, cut up veggies instead and modify and make your own dip (low fat mayo and sour cream mixed with a little powdered ranch dressing). You can also “sneak” fruits and vegetables into dishes by adding mushrooms and peppers to spaghetti sauce. Shred carrots and broccoli and combine with ground turkey when you are making a meatloaf and puree cauliflower and onions and add to a casserole dish.

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