What is the best alcohol free juice or spritzer to mix up for parties that wouldn't contain a huge amount of calories or grams of sugar?

We are fast approaching the start of spring/summer outdoor celebrations. And low calorie alcohol free cocktails are a healthy addition to any party. In my opinion, every festive cocktail needs a little fizz so I would stock up on club soda or sparkling water. Next, decide the theme of your party. If you are throwing a brunch or a shower, how about serving up a “mock mimosa”? You just need some club soda and mix with Old Orchard’s 100% Orange Juice (or choose the “light” Healthy Balance Pineapple Orange version with a fraction of the calories), grapefruit juice, lime juice and honey. Garnish with a fresh raspberry and you have a refreshing citrusy treat. Another drink that will have your friends in awe is a delicious sparkling pomegranate drink. This could not be easier to assemble. Take Old Orchard’s Healthy Balance Pomegranate Blueberry Acai juice and mix it with a splash of sparkling water. Garnish with a lime and you have a colorful drink that everyone will love.

Many people are getting back to basics lately and want to simplify their gatherings. A cocktail that not only tastes delicious but looks great is one that is beyond simple to assemble. Start with a tall glass filled with cold water. From there add lemon, red and green apple (sliced very thin) and finish with a few sprigs of mint. Delicious! Now, if you want to get a little fancier with your cocktail, get your blender out and prepare to wow the crowd. Take ~7 cups of seedless watermelon chunks and pulse in the blender until smooth. Now combine the watermelon with sparkling water, a splash of Old Orchard’s 100% Pineapple juice, and your favorite natural sweetener (like honey or stevia). This is a drink the whole family will love. Finally, a flavor that speaks summer is “cherry”. Why not try a delicious cherry mocktail? Combine Old Orchard Frozen Cherry Juice concentrate with ginger ale (or choose the diet version for less calories) and add crushed ice to chill. Your family and friends will love it. Enjoy your spring/summer celebrations!

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