Hi Amy, Does drinking water after eating sugary desserts really flush it out your body and help with weight loss?

I wish it were true…but alas, no. Drinking water after eating a sugary treat does not flush the sugar out of your system. After a rich/sugary snack, our body experiences a jump in blood sugar levels and then a subsequent increase in insulin, which helps pull glucose into the cells. In an event that a lot of insulin is released, some people experience a “sugar crash” which rebounds their bodies to crave more sugar. So overall, consistently eating foods that are high in sugar is not good for you and can certainly increase risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Even though a glass of water won’t flush the sugar out of your system, it is still a good idea to get into the habit of drinking more water. Water is your body’s main chemical component, comprising approximately 60% of your total body weight. Each of your body’s major systems depend on water; it helps control your body temperature, it helps carry essential nutrients to your cells, helps flush out toxins from organs and can help keep your ear, nose, and throat moist. Adequate water intake can help prevent headaches, optimize brain function, and improve athletic performance. Most importantly, adequate water intake may help boost your metabolic rate and increase satiety. Both of these things can help people control their cravings, reduce excess food consumption, and be at a healthy weight!

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