Hey, I'm new to this what are some good & healthy snack recipes?

There are a ton of delicious and healthy snack recipes out there. First, I always recommend that people check out reputable websites for printable recipes (with my personal favorite being http://www.oldorchard.com). The word “snack” sometimes gets a bad reputation. Typical foods found in the “snack” aisle may include: potato chips, cheese curls, cookies, brownies, pork rinds, nacho chips, etc. But snacks don’t necessarily have to be filled with added sugar and fat. If you plan ahead, having healthy snacks now and again can help you control your hunger and may help prevent you from overeating at mealtimes. For example, I consistently include a healthy snack right around 3:00 in the afternoon. I find that if I don’t, I am very hungry by the time I get home from work and then I tend to eat much more at dinner (or while I am cooking it) than I would normally consume. My new favorite snack is: ½ of a whole wheat bagel topped with ricotta cheese and strawberries. I love the sweet/creamy flavor of this. A client just filled me in that she loves to snack on popcorn. But instead of making it with vegetable oil she hand pops it with sesame oil and tops it with sesame seeds. She tells me that the flavor is much bolder than regular popcorn and she feels satisfied eating less. Growing up we used to eat a lot of French fries dipped in ketchup as snacks. A healthier version could be sweet potato fries (baked) and paired with chipotle yogurt sauce (plain yogurt mixed with chipotles in adobo sauce). The whole thing is so delicious and satisfying. You could also top regular whole wheat crackers with a hazelnut/cocoa spread and then add sliced bananas. Out of all the snacks that I mentioned…my favorite “go to” is hummus. There are so many different flavors out there including: garlic, roasted red pepper, chipotle, cilantro etc. I have also noticed several types of hummus (traditionally made with chickpeas) have instead been made with other fiber sources like: white beans, lentils, soy beans, etc. So, you can see that snacking can not only be super healthy but also delicious. Enjoy a healthy snack today!

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