I have read on the blog about the recommendation of cranberry juice for kidney stone sufferers (I am one!). I see that you recommend adding fresh lemon or lime juice to your water to increase citrates, which my urologist has recommended to me, long with the addition of potassium citrate tablets. Would you say that there is enough citrate in Old Orchard lemonades to substitute for my plain fresh lemon juice in water on a regular basis? Not every day, perhaps, but as a refreshing added treat? Are Old Orchard lemonades treated in such a way that will decrease the efficacy of the citrates? Thank you for your time.

What a great question! I am glad that your doctor also recommended adding lemon/lime juice to water. Both lemon and lime juice contain citric acid, which is responsible for helping break apart calcium oxalate stones. It has been recommended that one consume ~4 ounces of citric acid per day. Good news is that Old Orchard Lemonade is made with real lemons and does contain citric acid. Here are the ingredients:

Filtered water, sugar, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavors, citric acid, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), stevia leaf extract.

You can certainly add this to your diet and know that it is working to help reduce stone risk. But, you would have to consume far more lemonade to get the same amount of citric acid as you would from a lemon or a lime. And keep in mind that, while refreshing and delicious, Old Orchard Lemonade still contains calories. I advise my patients to not go overboard on consuming too many liquid calories, which add up quick and can lead to weight gain. So, I would advise that you still try to get one glass of lemon/lime enhanced water in addition to one glass of Old Orchard’s Lemonade per day. Enjoy!

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