Is Old Orchard good for diabetics?

I think juice can be a healthy part of any person’s diet. The key is finding balance!!! It is important to remember that, in moderation, 100% fruit juice can absolutely be a healthy part of your diet. It is filled with vitamins and minerals and can provide a tasty way for you to reach your fluid goals for the day. But, even though 100% fruit juice is considered healthy, it still is a concentrated form of natural sugar. This means that it will cause a spike in your blood sugar level. What must go up must come down and you are going to want to avoid blood sugar highs and lows if you are trying to stay healthy and avoid complications that can sometimes accompany diabetes (amputations, kidney failure, loss of eyesight).

I am a huge fan of juice. But personally, I would rather eat my calories! So I generally will have one to two glasses of 100% Old Orchard juice per day. For my clients that have diabetes, I recommend the Old Orchard Healthy Balance Juice drinks or the Cranberry juice cocktails, as both have a reduced calorie and sugar content. You will be able to enjoy the great taste of juice without having significant spikes in blood sugar levels. Another alternative would be to dilute the juice. Many of my mom friends will serve their kids modified juice. They use a ½ glass of regular juice and fill the rest of the glass with water or club soda. So…be sure to find a “healthy balance” with how much juice you consume!

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