How much weight will I lose if I drink smoothies?

Smoothies can certainly be a healthy part of your diet, although smoothie consumption is not a “sure thing” for weight loss. To put it simplistically, smoothies contain calories. Consuming more calories than our body can burn can lead to weight gain, even if the smoothie is overall “healthy”. Smoothies may also contain a lot of added sugar and fat, which registered dietitians would urge you to limit if trying to lose weight. But, if you follow a balanced and well-rounded diet, then a smoothie can certainly help you to healthfully lose weight.

Consuming a healthy diet does not have to be hard but does take some planning and preparation. It is important that you have the right foods at home to set yourself up for success. Grocery shopping and planning ahead are very important steps to eating healthy. Pre plan a few healthy dinners for the week. Pack your breakfast and lunch the day ahead and make sure you have healthy snacks at your fingertips. I recommend resisting the urge to purchase a lot of cookies, ice cream, potato chips, etc. Generally my patients tell me that they will eat these foods if they are in the house.

I have said this many times before but if weight loss (or maintenance) is your goal, you have to pay attention to liquid calories. So many people don’t realize that a soda here or there all adds up and may be causing them to gain weight. Same thing goes for smoothies. You can certainly make a healthy smoothie that contains yogurt, fruit and 100% fruit juice but again, it has calories and needs to be considered in addition to all the other calorie filled foods/beverages that you have consumed. Also, keep in mind that liquid calories are generally consumed faster than solid food calories. Liquid calories also tend to be digested quickly and can lead someone to feel hungry soon after drinking the beverage. Take, for example, a whole apple vs. a glass of apple juice. Both can have around the same amount of calories but generally eating the apple takes longer, increases metabolism through the digestive process, and helps people feel fuller longer, causing them to consume less throughout the day.

If smoothies are going to be a part of your diet, I would encourage you to invest in a blender in which you can use the whole fruit or vegetable. This allows you to consume the fiber which will help keep you fuller longer. A healthy smoothie is a balance between protein, complex carbohydrate and healthy fat. Try a very basic smoothie: 1 avocado, 1 cup milk, small frozen banana and ~3 Tbsp honey. This has around 247 calories so it could certainly be considered a healthy breakfast.

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