Do you have any suggestions for cookbook titles dedicated to healthy portion sizes, snacks, and meals for kids?

It is wonderful that you are taking an active interest in your children’s diet! Finding some cookbooks especially geared for kid’s health will be good for your kids and hopefully get them interested in healthy nutrition at an early age. There are many cookbooks out there that are geared for kids, but not all of them have the valuable information that you asked about. One good book is by Better Homes and Gardens and it is called “Kid Favorites Made Healthy”. It contains nutrition information with every recipe and even has diabetic exchanges if anyone in your family has diabetes. Another good choice is actually written by dietitians! It is called “The Everything Kids’ Cookbook: From mac ‘n cheese to double chocolate chip cookies – 90 recipes to have some finger-lickin’ fun, 2nd Edition” by Sandra K. Nissenberg, MS, RD. Adams Media, 2008. Another fantastic kids-friendly cookbook is by one of my favorite magazines Cooking Light. It is called “The Ultimate Kid-Approved Cookbook: Delicious Food Kids Will Eat, Nutritious Meals Moms Will Love”. In this you will find an array of colorful meal pictures and helpful cooking hints.

You may benefit from going to the library to peruse the cookbook section. A good rule of thumb when selecting books is to look to see if the author is a dietitian. If they are, in general they will have written a nutritionally sound book and you will likely find all the nutrition info that you are looking for. Another helpful source for healthy childhood nutrition information is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. They have a specific “kids” site ( that will provide you with a slew of healthy nutrition related tips and recipes.

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