My husband has diabetes and his doctor recommends that he only drinks vegetable juice. Will the juice with Splenda® be okay?

He can certainly drink vegetable juice with Splenda® (although that does not sound good to me), but I really don’t think he needs to avoid all other juices. His doctor is right to be concerned about the various sugar/calorie contents of juice drinks. Many of these products contain a lot of sugar and are not that good for someone with diabetes. However, there are many products that are reduced sugar and made with Splenda®. They have few calories, so if consumed in moderation they should not have much of an impact on his blood sugar levels.

Take Old Orchard’s Healthy Balance juice drinks. They have no added sugar, few calories (~29 calories per 8oz serving), and contain 100% of the vitamin C that he needs each day! They also taste great. I drink this juice every day because I am not a huge water fan and like a beverage that has a good taste and is low in sugar. If he is looking for other beverage ideas you could cut up lemon or cucumber and put them in a pitcher of water. This adds a nice crisp taste to water without adding sugar or calories.

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