Should dinner be our largest meal of the day? Family time is important, but I've been leaning toward making breakfast more varied and serving smaller portions and choices at dinner. Your view? I am in agreement. I find that many times people don’t consume an adequate breakfast and then are too busy and skip lunch. By the time dinner rolls around, many folks do not make the healthiest choices and tend to consume well more than they should. Putting an emphasis on a healthy breakfast is a perfect start. Try to include a variety of foods and mix it up to prevent boredom. You could trial various types of high fiber cereal, top with berries and pair with soy milk. Yogurt smoothies are excellent breakfast foods as well (yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit, Old Orchard juice, and ice). A breakfast of egg whites topped with low fat cheese with a side of whole grain toast is another good option. Make sure you and your kids are having something for lunch also. A whole wheat pita filled with veggies and hummus and low fat cheese is a good option. Other good options would be a large mixed vegetable salad topped with a lean protein source (chicken, fish, or beans) or a broth based soup paired with a whole wheat roll and a glass of milk make for healthy choices. I would also encourage a light snack in the afternoon. This can help one to make healthy and wise choices at dinner. It could be a piece of fruit, rice cakes and peanut butter or a handful of nuts. I would encourage you to sit as a family for dinner but I agree that it shouldn’t necessarily be the biggest meal of the day. Maybe make dinner a series of small plates or appetizers. Divide a veggie quesadilla made with low fat cheese and sour cream amongst your family. Along with that add a fresh salad and a glass of milk. Or serve baked potatoes and have healthy toppings available (broccoli, peppers, low fat cheese and sour cream). Login to Favorite