What is a healthy, yet delicious snack to eat when in a hurry?

That is a great question! Snacking can be a nutritious way to help manage weight, increase energy levels and keep you healthy. But, not all “snacks” are created equal. When traveling up and down the snack food aisle in the grocery store you will see a wide variety of products. Most of these products contain increased amounts of fat, salt, and are high in calories. It is a good idea to keep foods on hand that both travel well and that are high in vitamins and minerals. For example, my go to after work snack is rice cakes topped with hummus. The rice cakes have a great crunch but are relatively low in calories. The hummus is high in fiber and has heart healthy fat. I always encourage people to purchase seasonal fruits and vegetables and keep these handy for snacking. A fruit salad or pre-cut veggies and low fat dip can make excellent late night snacks. Instead of snacking on ice cream, try out one of the various flavors of Greek yogurt. It is still sweet and creamy, but with a lot more protein and less fat. If you are in a hurry, grab a high protein/fiber granola bar or a handful of almonds (or various nuts) when you are running out the door. Low fat string cheese, pumpkin seeds, whole grain cereal, and 100% fruit popsicles can also be healthy snacks.

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