I am a new mom and am breastfeeding my baby. Do you have any nutrition hints or tips for new moms?

Congratulations on your new addition! It is especially important to get the proper nutrition now because your baby is relying on you for key nutrients. And, it is fantastic that you are breast feeding! Not only is it good for your baby it will help boost your metabolism to help you lose the pregnancy weight.

You want to be sure you are taking in a good variety of foods, especially those rich in folate (dark leafy greens, beans, fortified cereals), calcium/vitamin D (dairy products, salmon), iron (meat, seafood, broccoli, beans), and vitamin C (fruits and vegetables!). Folate is important for future pregnancies and we all need adequate calcium and vitamin D for proper growth and development of our bones. Iron can help carry oxygen to various parts of our bodies and vitamin C is crucial for keeping your immune system up.

You will want to keep a variety of fast but healthy foods around as well. Since you will likely be sleep deprived it may be tempting to grab potato chips or get fast food if you don’t feel like cooking. So instead stock up on things like hummus, string cheese, canned beans, fruits/vegetables, walnuts, and Greek yogurt…and be sure to eat often! Grazing all throughout the day should help keep your energy levels up. You need to be sure you are getting enough calories to support your milk production, so avoid starting any fad diets during this time. If you can snack healthfully and get lots of fluid, fiber, and nutrients through healthy foods, your baby weight will definitely come off and stay off.

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