My son had his blood work done and his ferritin level came back very low. The doctor is going to start an iron supplement for him, but I wondered if you had any more information on this (When to give it? Foods to give it with?)

Some physicians recommend that iron be taken on an empty stomach, because it may absorb more effectively. However, this may cause stomach upset, so kids may have to take a small amount of food with the supplement. There are various foods that may block the absorption of iron (milk, caffeinated beverages) and should be avoided while he is on iron. Vitamin C on the other hand may help enhance the absorption of iron, so make sure that you give your son plenty of foods high in vitamin C (such as citrus fruits, bell peppers, kiwi, green/leafy vegetables, and strawberries). You can also try to give your son plenty of iron filled foods. Egg yolks are good sources of iron so serve scrambled eggs or omelets for breakfast. You could also provide an iron fortified cereal for your son in the a.m. Meat is another good iron source, so for lunch your son may like sliced grilled chicken breast “fingers”. You could serve these with a homemade dip of plain yogurt mixed with a little light ranch dressing. Dinner could consist of a small hamburger or a baked potato bar! Encourage your son to eat the skin too and have him add a little cheese, sour cream (light if needed), and steamed broccoli. Other foods high in iron include: raisins, beans/peas, cream of wheat, tofu, and soy milk.

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