I had chemotherapy ~6 months ago. During the chemo, I had little appetite and it was a struggle to eat. I thought that once chemo was done, I would be able to eat like normal again but I have found that my appetite is still poor and I sometimes forget to eat. What should I do?

Congratulations for finishing up your chemo! That particular treatment for cancer can lead to many unfavorable side effects (like you experienced) so I am glad you are done with that. I will admit that every person is a little different and some people bounce back fairly quickly, while others take much longer to feel more like themselves again. To start I would jot down what you eat and drink (and when) on a typical day. This will give you a chance to analyze how much time goes between meals and snacks and you can see a trend with the types of foods you are consuming. You should try to aim for good diet “balance” by trying to choose mostly plant based foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts) and choose animal products in smaller quantities (meat, eggs, milk). I suggest adding a healthy snack between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner. This could be a handful of almonds and a cup of yogurt or hummus paired with celery sticks or peanut butter on whole grain toast. I’d urge you to increase your fruit and vegetable intake also. Several studies have suggested that increasing intake of antioxidant filled produce may help reduce the risk of recurrence of breast cancer. Another goal could be to start to watch the clock and eat on schedule. It may not sound fun but eating on schedule will allow for some consistency and will take the “I will eat when I am hungry” out of the equation. Finally, try some new recipes. Getting a new cookbook and experimenting with foods that you don’t eat every day can really add some new flavors to your plate and hopefully make food “fun” again. Good luck!

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