My daughter is a very picky eater and is very thin. I am worried that she is not getting enough nutrients/protein. Do you have suggestions?

I can understand your concern. Sometimes kids do have a picky palate and getting them to try new foods and take in adequate amounts can be frustrating. I would definitely get her involved in the nutrition / eating process. You can kind of make it a fun game to plan out a grocery list (have her add to the list). Maybe cut coupons for the foods that she does like (you may wish to limit foods that are not-so-healthy from her choice list) and have her be in charge of picking out those food items. Sit together to plan out a few meals and maybe make your daughter “in charge” of one of the evening meals. Maybe look at new recipes online and have her pick one and you can involve her in the preparation process (even if it is just setting the table). I think the key will be to really try new foods/recipes. You may wish to avoid anything too extravagant at first but that will at least let her know that there are other foods for dinner besides her “go to’s” (which you have shared are noodles with butter).

Make sure you encourage her to take in small frequent meals. Capitalize on the high protein foods that she does like (cheese, peanut butter, nuts/trail mix, protein bars, etc). Maybe start a Pedia Sure or even another supplement drink (Carnation Instant Breakfast) and make this her “smoothie” base. Add her favorite fruit, Greek yogurt (very high in protein) and milk/ice or frozen yogurt. If she does not like anything too sweet, use unsweetened yogurt. It could be good to get her a snazzy drink holder so she can carry it with her to school or in the car on the way. Keep healthy snacks on hand and make it a fun game to eat snacks after school. Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes out of English Muffins and top with cream cheese and fruit. You could also get the whole family involved and do little mini pizzas and have a variety of toppings so that she could decorate her own personal pizza. You may also consider trying a new grain (quinoa) and use in place of rice.

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