Lemon: The Zesty “Zing!” Fruit is More Than Just a Pretty Yellow Garnish

The zesty “zing!” Fruit is more than just a Pretty Yellow Garnish Lemons have had a surprising variety of interesting uses over the years: lip reddener, electricity conductor, color preserver, household cleaner, food and drink garnisher, and even hair highlighter. Sunshine yellow inside and out, this fruit is high in Vitamin C and contains 5% citric acid, which provides its distinctive, tart zing. Add a little zest to your life with Old Orchard’s classic juice blends like Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Sweet Tea Half & Half.

Seasonal Juice Drinks: Iced Tea with Lemon - 64oz
Seasonal Juice Drinks: Lemonade - 64oz
Seasonal Juice Drinks: Strawberry Lemonade - 64oz
Frozen Seasonal Drinks: Lemonade - 12oz
Frozen Seasonal Drinks: Pink Lemonade - 12oz
Frozen Seasonal Drinks: Strawberry Lemonade - 12oz

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