Strawberry-Kiwi Raspberry Pops

Contributed by mollyadams1990


  • 16 oz Old Orchard Kiwi Strawberry Juice
  • 16 Fresh raspberries
  • 16 Festive toothpicks
  • 1 Ice-Maker tray


  1. Drop one raspberry each in the squares of the ice-tray.
  2. Pour the juice gently into each square, filling to the top.
  3. Place ice-tray in freezer, wait 1.5 hours.
  4. After 1.5 hours, check to see if there is a layer of frost over the pops, if there is not, wait another half hour, if there is, gently stick the toothpicks into the frost, which will keep them in place while the rest of the pops freeze around them.
  5. Wait about 3 hours, and they should be completely frozen! Twist the ice-tray to loosen the pops, and enjoy!

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