Popsicle Surprise

Contributed by couponqueen0250


  • Freezer pop molds or ice cube tray
  • Old Orchard Juice
  • Fruit of your choice cut into small pieces
  • Toothpicks if you use an ice cube tray

Get out your freezer pop molds to make six or you can even go old-school and use an ice cube tray for smaller freezer pops! Pour in your favorite Old Orchard juice…I like to use white grape the best. Next, put in your choice of fruit for a little surprise. With the white grape juice I like to use strawberries(If you use a fruit that is in season, it will not only be fresher, it will also be more inexpensive). Lastly, if using freezer pop molds, place in freezer until firm. If using ice cube trays, place in freezer when half way set push in toothpicks then leave in freezer until firm.

Easy and fun for kids to help too!

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