Born and Raised in Sparta, Michigan

Our story began on a humble farming operation in the middle of an old apple orchard in Sparta, a small town just a few miles north of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founded in 1985 by fourth generation growers, Mark and Lisa Saur, Old Orchard has since grown to offer over 100 bottled and frozen juice products available in stores across the nation and around the world.

At Old Orchard, we’re passionate about bringing you and your family only the highest quality fruit juice, and innovative juice blends. Our family heritage of loving the land, working hard, and taking care of customers translates into exceptional value from a brand you’ve come to know, trust, and dare we say it — love. We hope that you and your family will enjoy the fruits of our labor as much as we do.

From Our
Family to Yours

Meet the Old Orchard Team

Today, our family — and family of employees — has grown, considerably. Our dedicated team is true to our roots and focused on delivering the safest, highest quality, and best-tasting products with personal care and unmatched customer service. At Old Orchard we’re committed to our employees. We love what we do, and it shows.

Quality You Can Taste

Old Orchard has the highest level of food safety certification.

At Old Orchard, all our juices are blended from scratch and bottled in our Michigan facility. What’s that mean for you? Well — quality you can taste. Not only do we source the highest quality fruit juices, our experienced Quality Assurance Team tests — and taste tests — raw ingredients and finished product in our state-of-the-art product development lab under the watchful eye of a Certified Food Specialist. During production, juices are heat pasteurized to guarantee stability and safety. We’re also a Triangle K Kosher certified plant and have complete traceability for all products and ingredients. What’s more, Old Orchard is certified to the highest level of food safety by the Safe Quality Food Program, a globally recognized food manufacturing program of excellence. This is all to say, we’re obsessed about quality. And in every bottle or can of Old Orchard juice, you can taste it.

The World of Fruit

We go to the ends of the earth to make the best juice in the U.S.A.

We’ve made it our life-long mission to bring you the best-tasting, highest-quality juices at a great value. In fact, we’re so dedicated to fulfilling this goal, that we travel to all corners of the earth in search of the most exquisite, exotic, luscious, and interesting fruits. Think mango, kiwi, acai, and passion fruit. Our long-standing relationship with trusted farmers around the globe has given us the opportunity to provide an outstanding variety of innovative juice blends — all lovingly made in the USA. 

From Orchard To Table
The journey from fruit, to juice, to bottle, to you

The Old Orchard juice journey begins with an idea, an a-ha moment, an inspiration. What if we combined apple with kiwi and strawberry? How awesome would it be to pair peach with mango? How can we keep big juice flavor while reducing calories? That’s when we head for our state-of-the-art product development lab and go for it under the experienced supervision of our Certified Food Scientist. Getting the perfect blend of juice flavors is part art, part science, and part tenacity. We’re committed to bringing you nothing but fine-tuned flavor profiles.

Once we’ve hit on the perfect mix, we set out to source the finest juices wherever they may be found, whether that’s right here in Michigan or Timbuktu. After passing taste testing and approval from our quality assurance team, we combine just the right ratio of each juice in, well, basically a giant blender.

Then heat pasteurization is used to ensure every drop is healthy and stable before heading through our fully-automated beverage packaging system, which — get this — fills an average of 270 bottles, or 550 frozen concentrate cans per minute. Wow. It takes a lot to keep up with our thirsty fans. 

Old Orchard products finish their journey in our 140,000 square foot, fully-automated manufacturing and distribution facility, where bottles are automatically boxed and put on pallets in preparation for their move to retailers across the country, around the globe... and finally to you. Phew! That is quite the process! Getting our juice blends from our hearts and minds to your table is a long — albeit fruitful —  journey, and an adventure all of us at Old Orchard find worthwhile in every way. We are pleased to bring you the highest quality and freshest tastes—from our home to yours. Thanks for putting your trust in us.