Grape: The Happy-go-lucky Lunchbox Favorite that Hits the Spot

Any kid would feel lucky to have this easy-to-pack, easy-to-chew fruit in his or her lunch. Brimming with Vitamins K and C, grapes are the perfect size for easy eating or catching in your mouth if you’re fortunate to have that skill. For a little extra luck (and who couldn’t use that?) here’s a helpful tip: In Spain, another year of luck is ensured every New Year’s Eve by eating a grape on each of the twelve strokes of midnight. But, with Old Orchard’s bunch of juice cocktails and concentrates, there’s no need to travel all the way to Spain to feel lucky. Just one glass of 100% Grape, White Grape, or Harvest Select Grape will do the trick.

Healthy Balance: Cranberry Grape - 64oz
Cranberry Cocktails: Cranberry Grape - 64oz
100% Juice: Grape - 64oz
Healthy Balance: Grape - 64oz
100% Juice: White Grape - 64oz
Juice Cocktails: White Grape Peach - 64oz
Frozen 100% Juice: Grape - 12oz
Harvest Select Frozen Concentrates: Grape - 12oz
Frozen 100% Juice: White Grape - 12oz

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