Pineapple: Look no further for the Sweetest, most Hospitable Fruit on the Market

From King Charles II of England to American Sea Captains, pineapples have been a symbol of royal privilege and friendly hospitality thanks to its luxuriously sweet taste and rarity. A single pineapple plant produces only one pineapple at a time, and it takes nearly two years to mature! Originally found in South America, these tropical treats are rich in Vitamin C, B, and fiber, and provide an invigorating kick that’ll make you feel like sharing the love. Prepping for a party? Make your guests feel right at home with juice cocktails and frozen concentrates from Old Orchard like Pineapple 100% Juice, Healthy Balance Pineapple Orange, and our Pina Colada mixer.

Healthy Balance: Pineapple Orange - 64oz
Frozen 100% Juice: Pineapple - 12oz
Frozen 100% Juice: Pineapple Orange - 12oz