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The Salad Daze of Summer

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your eating habits with more salads. Salad is more than a diet food. Fresh greens are packed full of phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Lettuce begin. Most of us think “lettuce” when we think salad. The most common—and least…

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The Dirt on Gardening

New Dirt on Depression Any gardener will tell you that digging in the dirt does wonders for the soul. Now, science has proven it in two different studies: one with cancer patients and another with mice (Neuroscience Volume 146, Issue 2, 11 May 2007). It seems certain harmless bacteria,…

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Energy the Natural Way

Many people want to know what to eat to keep their energy levels up. Some have asked questions about the newest energy drink containing caffeine and an antioxidant called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). This beverage has been shown in a clinical trial to help people burn calories.…

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High Protein Meat Alternatives

Millions of Americans follow a vegetarian diet. There are several types of vegetarians: Lacto-vegetarians do not eat any animal flesh, but do consume dairy products. Ovo-vegetarians avoid flesh or milk products, but will eat eggs. Semi-vegetarians do not eat beef, veal, pork, or similar…

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Cooking Tips

Have you ever started to cook something, only to realize that you are missing one of the ingredients? What do you do then? If you have friendly neighbors, you could try borrowing the ingredient from them. You could run to the store in a frenzy, but that’s often a hassle, especially if…

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Sleep for Good Health

If you’re like most of America, your lifestyle is hectic, your schedule packed full. You may see sleep as a waste of time and try to get by on less than you really need. When you add a couple of hours to your day by robbing yourself of sleep, you are only robbing yourself. Did you know that…

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Spring Clean…Your Refrigerator?

Spring-cleaning is a task taken on by many people during this time. Closets are tidied, winter clothes are put away…but what about your refrigerator? This appliance may be overlooked during the organizational process, but it is an important one to clean up. Food borne illness can lurk in…

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Power Naps

How can you increase alertness and late-afternoon brainpower while decreasing stress and your risk of heart disease? Take a nap. The “power nap” does have the power to handle all of the above. Dr. Dimitrios Trichopoulos noticed that countries with lower heart disease rates were also…

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The Whole Truth about Whole Wheat

No doubt you’ve heard that whole grains are an important part of a healthy diet. Whole wheat, oats, brown rice and other whole grains give you more fiber, more vitamins and minerals and more protein with less fat. What is a whole grain? A complete grain that has not been stripped of its…

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SpongeJob GermPants

According to the Center for Disease Control, what you think are flu symptoms may actually be a mild case of food poisoning. Washing your hands, following safe handling instructions and keeping food prep surfaces clean can all help prevent food poisoning. However, your handy-dandy kitchen…

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