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Fresh Food Bytes

Your good health depends on good nutrition. While filling your grocery cart with processed snack foods or making regular stops for fast food may seem like an economical time saver, you might end up paying for the convenience with weight gain, lowered immune resistance, fatigue and mental…

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Steps to a Healthier You

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 were released early January. This pyramid looks a bit different than the previous pyramid. The original pyramid was essentially tipped on its side. Each food group represents a color of the new pyramid and the thickness of the stripes represent…

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Fresh Air & Sunshine

Fresh air and sunshine—those two prescriptions for healthy living abound in the advice of grandmothers, pediatricians and, these days, psychologists. Indeed, fresh air and sunshine do have a real, positive impact on your health, especially your mental health. Get outdoors. A 2004…

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Avoid the Winter Blues

Why do we often feel depressed in the wintertime? Many times, it is more than the cold and the snow that gets to us—it is the lack of sunshine. Some people suffer from what is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. SAD is a mood disorder with which sufferers feel depressed or…

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