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Cold Symptoms: Your Body Caring for You

Before you run to the drugstore and drop a bundle on over-the-counter medicines, think twice. Cold symptoms are your body’s way of dealing with an unwelcome virus. Common cold symptoms, fever, cough and runny nose, are actually part of the healing process. If the symptoms are not too…

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Colds? Flu? RX: Chicken Soup

In the case of chicken soup, those old wives were telling more than a tale. Scientists have confirmed that a hot bowl of chicken soup does indeed soothe the symptoms and speed recovery when it comes to cold and flu. Researchers from the University of Nebraska Medical Center proved that…

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Season’s Eatings

The holidays are here! If you’re like most Americans, much of your celebration revolves around food. If extra pounds are not on your Christmas list, be a smart cookie and eat accordingly. Leslie Hamilton, a professional leadership coach from Auckland, New Zealand, has developed a diet…

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Rev up your Metabolism!

Many of my clients think that with age comes slowed metabolism. It is true that when we are young, our body finds ways to balance energy expenditure and energy intake. As we age, we find that it is much more difficult to maintain that balance. And, given that one third of North American…

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New Year’s Resolutions—This Year is THE Year!

Every year new members come in to our clubs with the hope that this is the year they will make a change. They begin by putting their money where their mouth is and paying for a membership to the club. Then, they decide that they will come EVERY day after work rain or shine because they…

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New Year, New You?

It is that time of year again, when millions of Americans make that annual decree to make a substantial change for the better. For many, the resolution focuses on one’s relationship with food—a resolve to eat healthier and lose weight. Though the intent is great, the fact is most people…

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Make Fruit Juice a Sensible Snack for Kids

Several conflicting reports in the news recently have called into question the nutritional benefit, or detriment in some cases, of fruit juice consumption by children. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a statement about “the use and misuse of fruit juice in pediatrics” and…

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Winter Biking for Your Health

When winter rolls around, many bicyclists hang up their helmets and put their bikes into storage. Don’t let chilly temperatures and fewer hours of daylight keep you inside. With all of the holiday calories and couch-faring extravaganzas, it’s hard to find a way to exercise. Your good old…

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Pack Your Kids a Healthy Lunch

Are you concerned about what your kids are being served for lunch at school? You’re not alone. Grass roots organizations are springing up across the nation to address the issue of unbalanced nutrition in school cafeterias. Often times, what is best for the child is a brown bag lunch from…

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Meditation for Wellness

A by-product of 21st century living, stress impacts your health, your emotions and your relationships. One effective way of releasing stress is meditation. As a tool for wellness, meditation need not be approached as a religious practice. Rather, it is an exercise that calms your body by…

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