I am 50 and work in a school. After lunch I have 15 minutes to do a quick 10 rounds of walking in an area that has small hallways and two staircases with 12 stairs each. Am I helping myself at all?

Yes, you are. In fact, just today I had the priviledge of listening to Dr. Kenneth Cooper (CEO of the Cooper Institute in Dallas and author of the book “Aerobics” ). He spoke on the benefits of cardiovascular activity in as little time as 20 minute sessions 1-2x per week. You are doing two things, revving up your metabolism by exercising mid-day when it starts to slow down, and you are exercising consistently five times per week. That is much more beneficial than the weekend warrior that exercises for two hours in the gym on saturdays. My only advice to you would be to continue to challenge yourself, by adding either 5 more minutes to that time, and/or adding another 10-15 minutes on to the beginning or end of your day as well. Keep up the great work.

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