With Earth Day right around the corner I have been trying to live a more earth friendly life style. I have been trying to purchase organic foods but I find the labels very confusing. Typically are organic foods better for you health wise or are they more geared toward being better for the environment?

There are a few studies that show that some organic foods may contain more nutrients and be “healthier” for you than non-organic products. However the studies are limited and more research needs to be done. I would encourage you to begin checking the labels of organic foods and their non-organic counterparts. In many cases you will find that the nutritional values are similar in these products (i.e. total calories, grams of fat, etc).

There is also a debate as to whether organic farming is better for the environment. Advocates for organic foods state that conventional farming methods spread synthetic pesticides, which are linked to neurological and developmental problems. However, it has also been suggested that organic farming methods use natural pesticides, which may be just as toxic to humans.

Bottom line? I encourage that you get a good variety in your diet. Choose plenty of fruits and vegetables in addition to whole grains…regardless of the farming method.

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