I am 48 years old and am pretty active. I weigh 114 lbs and am in pretty good shape except for a small pot belly stomach and what I think is a little extra fat around my hips. I go to curves approx 3 to 4 times a week. Do you have suggestions for getting rid of the extra fat? Thank you!

The combination of strength training, cardiovascular and reduced caloric intake is the best way to reduce body fat. However, in your case, I am guessing that at 114lbs, you are not carrying a lot of extra fat around. If you find that you are carrying more around your middle it could be for a couple of reasons. As we age, we do tend to have a harder time losing inches from our waist line. And, women tend to carry more fat weight in their hips than men do. While you cannot spot reduce (meaning do certain exercises to “reduce” in those areas), you can work on strengthening those areas so they become more firm. If you have been going
to Curves 3-4x per week, your body has become accustomed to your workouts and may no longer be responding to the exercise the way you like. I would recommend incorporating a series of core exercises (abdominal and low back) in to your workout and begin to change your workouts so that you are continually challenged by them. It is also advised that you increase your cardiovascular activity to assist with the fat burning process. Lastly, as Amy will tell you, you need to watch what you eat and make sure that you are making the most nutritious, quality choices when planning your meals.

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