I have fibromyalgia and 5 discs that are bulging in my lower back which this is all painful. What kind of exercises can I start out with to try and get some type of exercise?

As you know, living with fibromyalgia can be very challenging. However, experts now agree that some types of exercise can alleviate symptoms associated with the joint pain of fibromyalgia. Range of motion exercises that include gentle stretching as well as low level, non-impact cardiovascular activity can all be very beneficial. However, given the fact that you also have 5 discs that are “bulging” in your lower back. It is essential that you see your physician to determine the correct course of action for your back. Once evaluated, many physicians will recommend seeing a licensed physical therapist that will prescribe very safe, specific exercises and treatments for your conditions. Ask your doctor to refer you to a therapist that has expertise in treating people with fibromyalgia.

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