I am at a loss with exercising. I have diabetes, rls, fibromyalgia, small clog in the left coratid, ileostomy, and spinal fusion with lamenectomy. How and what can I do to exercise. I am desperate to reduce my weight but also to get back into some level of physical state. I have been dancing since I was 11. From tap to belly dancing just before 2000. Help!!!!!!

I understand that you feel as though you are at a crossroads with exercise and weight control, however, it is essential that you see your doctor to find out exactly what your options are for exercise. Many of the conditions you have listed are in need of a physician clearance before becoming more physically active.

However, it is never too late to begin making healthier choices when it comes to nutrition as well as exercise. I would encourage you to get some clear guidelines from your physician on activity and, if appropriate, work with either a physical therapist or a certified personal trainer who has experience working with the challenges you present.

A walking program is usually a great place to start if you have been inactive for some time. Make sure that you have comfortable, well-fitted shoes for walking and that you pace yourself. Start slow at first and increase your distance gradually.

Because you have diabetes, it is essential that you check your blood sugars before and after activity as well as get the advice of a registered dietitian or diabetes nurse educator on what the best meal plan options are for weight loss.

At the appropriate time, a slow progressive strength training program will also be beneficial to increasing your metabolism, reducing your weight and gaining the strength you need to increase your cardiovascular activities.

Check back in once you’ve talk with your doctor. Good luck!

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