Is it best to eat before or after working out? Which one burns more calories?

Nutrition is a vital key to achieving a good workout. Finding a nutrition plan that can work around your individual exercise regimen is important. Not all nutrition goals or exercise routines are the same. To begin, I would not advise you to consume a large meal before you exercise. This is because when you eat, blood is diverted to your stomach/intestines to aid in the digestive process, which leaves less blood available to you during your workout. A large meal (especially one high in fat and sugar) before a workout may also leave you with an upset stomach and can lead to negative side effects such as diarrhea or cramping. On the flip side, if you do not have adequate nutrition stores or are not taking in enough calories, you may feel very weak, tired, and have less energy during your workout.

First decide when your workout will take place. If you have a few hours before you workout, try to get a balanced meal containing complex carbohydrates, lean protein and one that is low in fat. Also, try to eat within two hours after you workout to help replenish depleted glycogen stores. Eating right before you work out is an individual choice. Some people’s bodies cannot handle eating immediately before a workout. However, some people find drinking a sports drink can help keep them hydrated and their blood sugars in check while working out. If you find yourself struggling during most workouts, I would experiment with eating 15 minutes to one hour beforehand. You may try various foods (banana, yogurt, juice, or half of a bagel with peanut butter etc) to see how eating will affect your performance.

Ideally how much energy your body uses should be in balance all day. When you burn calories by exercising, you should consume extra energy to fuel the activity. There is not a lot of evidence that states that exercising on an empty stomach can help you to burn more calories. An empty stomach may actually work against you and increase fatigue, which may cause you to end your workout early. So, I suggest that you think of exercise as a great calorie burning experience; tailor your nutritional plan to help

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