At 67, is it too late to lose 15 lbs. and get myself active? I get so tired that I lose my motivation, and my middle is moving too high up my torso! Help!

Eileen. I agree with Lisa in that it is NEVER too late to get moving! I have seen it many times in my field. In fact, my current clientele is in their mid to late 60’s. Some of them have been active on and off over the years, but many have never been active and they have reached a point in their lives that they now find the time to focus on their own health. My husband’s grandfather began windsurfing in his 80’s! What ever your reason is for becoming more active, know that anything you do will make a huge difference.

Whether you begin by walking in the neighborhood, local mall or health club, moving your body will increase your energy level, decrease stress and give you a sense of control of your health. Yes, you will burn calories, but the increased energy will keep you going back for more.

As for losing 15lbs, it is important that you follow a healthy meal plan of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. In addition to that, you should begin a strength-training program. Increasing muscular strength is a great way to jump start your metabolism and you will see results very quickly. This does not have to be anything complicated or extensive. You can begin by doing a couple of very simple moves that incorporate upper and lower body.

The first of these I call “sit to stands”. Begin by sitting on the edge of a hard backed chair without arms. Tighten the muscles in your glutes (a.k.a. butt) and slowly stand up. Now, lower yourself back in to the chair and repeat. Allow yourself breaks at first, but as you progress you will want to do 10 “sits” in a row before taking a break.

The second exercise is a wall push up. Stand facing the wall and about 18 inches away. Place your hands just lower than shoulder-high on the wall. Now with your body erect, bend your elbows allowing your nose to touch the wall and return to your start position.

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