I have been an avid tennis player for twenty years and have recently begun a strength training program. I have noticed that I am substantially stronger on my right side due to that being my dominant hand. I am not injured, but am wondering if this imbalance may cause injury in the future. Should I focus on weight training just my left side to balance this out?

Injury prevention is an excellent reason to begin a strength training program. Although your imbalance may be greater due to your years of tennis, it is not unusual for someone to have a musculoskeletal imbalance. Most of us will compensate in one way or another for our weaknesses. However, because your imbalances are sport-specific, I would encourage you to consult a certified fitness professional that specializes in working with athletes of all ages. Your program should include components of core strength and dynamic flexibility along with a basic strength and cardiovascular routine. In reference to “just focusing on your left side”, the answer is NO. I would encourage you to do a combination of unilateral as well as bilateral moves. This means that you would want to do exercises that would encourage your sides to move independently of one another, as with free weights. Machines may encourage you to compensate while doing the exercise.

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