I have very fond memories of celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom. As a family we would make her creative gifts or find her unique trinkets to show our love and appreciation. But I cringe when I think back to the actual Mother’s Day celebration, as my mother actually did a lot of the work! She got up early to get the house ready for guests. She had grocery shopped, planned the menu, and even prepared most of the food. Mothers should be pampered on their special day…not spend the day slaving in the kitchen. So, for this Mother’s Day, plan a special brunch for mom! Brunches are nice because you can do a lot of the preparation ahead of time. They are a great way to linger over good food and the entire family can get involved. Since this is the meal involving breakfast and lunch, try to include dishes that are hearty, filling, savory, and sweet.

I have decided to start the morning by getting my mom situated in a comfy chair with her feet up. To kick off the brunch properly, I plan to mix up a refreshing drink. I wanted to infuse color into this menu so I thought frozen pureed raspberries mixed with orange juice would look beautiful. To this mixture I will add some sparkling wine and finally stir in some ice. Yum-O! Now, since my mom loves good egg strata, I have looked up a few recipes and think I found one that she will love. It involves a good base of diced tomatoes underneath dense bread, sautéed spinach and garlic, and topped with a cheesy egg mixture. I plan on getting this dish all ready the day before so all I have to do is pop it into the oven. Another great brunch idea is waffles! Whip up a batch of whole wheat waffles and top with a dollop of macerated strawberries. You can save some time by macerating the strawberries and whipping up the waffle batter the night before. You may wish to serve up more of a “lunch” option and a spinach salad mixed with pecans, pears, and goat cheese and topped with a light vinaigrette dressing is a great idea. Muffins seemed like a great brunch addition and a friend suggested her healthy apple oat muffin recipe. It includes flour, oats, minced apples, brown sugar, and yogurt. Or, if you are not in the mood for muffins, try ham and cheese quick bread. It is an easy recipe involving flour, baking soda, milk, oil, and havarti cheese. Overall…just make your mom feel pampered and loved on this special day. And make sure she doesn’t sneak into the kitchen to begin the clean up. Let her know that she is the princess for the day and her family members are her dutiful servants. Enjoy your day together!

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