We're in full swing with spring and summer season sports. Do you have any suggestions of post game snacks for the kids when it's our turn for snacks?

Spring and summer can be a very busy time for parents and kids and often times healthy/balanced meals and snacks are hard to come by! First I would recommend making sure the kids are hydrated. Bring lots of water and I have started seeing parents bring large jugs of water infused with lemon for a refreshing flavor. A healthy post game snack should help to replace muscle fuel lost in exercise and replenish fluids without ruining kids’ appetite for the next meal. Individual packages of string cheese and whole grain granola bars work well. Fruit skewers are another delicious and creative post game snack. Take honeydew or muskmelon and scoop them into a ball shape. Now wash and slice strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple and load them up on a skewer (the parents will likely want some too!) You want the snacks to be functional: easy to hold and easy to grab. I like the idea of individual snack baggies filled with trail mix (dried fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, and seeds). All natural yogurt cups or tubes are great sources of calcium and kids usually love them. Unfortunately, some brands can be filled with added sugar so be sure to check out the label and look at the ingredients. Choose a product with the shortest ingredient list! One popular and healthy brand is Chobani. They have many delicious flavors and the yogurt comes in handy tubes or small cups for consumption. I have been told by several parents that their kids don’t like eating after the game. Since it is still important these kids replace what they lost during the event, you could try small containers of chocolate milk. It is not only hydrating, but contains protein and nutrients to help kids refuel!

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