What are some foods that keep you fuller longer so you don't constantly feel hungry?

Great question! Hunger is not really a great feeling. It tends to cause people to make hasty decisions and maybe choose foods that are not that great for them. Personally, I know that if I have the slightest feeling of hunger when I go to the grocery store, I will end up buying some of my favorite “sinful” foods and I may even make an impulse buy at the end of my shopping trip and grab a candy bar. So, in order to avoid feeling hungry, I try to fill up with foods that are healthy and nutrient dense. Foods filled with fiber, protein, and maybe a little healthy fat tend to help people feel fuller longer. For example, to avoid my hasty decisions at the grocery store, I try to eat a piece of fruit (usually an apple) ~2 hours before I go. I sometimes pair this with a food high in protein and healthy fat, like peanut butter. You may wish to snack on a combo food like hummus with whole grain chips or 2% string cheese and cut up vegetables. Other healthy filling snacks include almonds, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt. Many people tell me that they are “starving” by the time they eat dinner and so they consume way more calories than they normally would if they were not famished. In these cases, it is a good idea to start the meal with a vegetable (mixed veggie salad with light vinaigrette) or broth based vegetable soup. This can curb the hunger feeling. Lean protein can also fill one up so choose baked or grilled chicken, fish, turkey or a bean based entree. I love black beans and have begun to incorporate many dishes around them (I make a mean vegetarian black bean burger!) Finally, keeping the skin on various types of produce (potatoes, cucumbers, apples, etc.) will give you a great dose of fiber and will help fill you up!

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