How many servings of Old Orchard Kid's juice is recommended for a toddler?

Fruit juice can be a healthy part of everyone’s diet. Registered dietitians typically recommend that adults and toddlers consume whole fruit when possible, as this can allows them to get more fiber and vitamins in the diet. If fruit juice is desired, skip the fruit punch and fruit cocktail options and stick with 100% fruit juice. Dietitians also remind everyone that even though fruit juice can be healthy, it still contains calories and if consumed in excess, the calories add up and can lead to weight gain in both adults and kids. The American Academy of Pediatrics has suggested that you give toddlers no more than 6 oz. of 100% fruit juice a day. It is also recommended that toddlers consume fruit juice from a cup and not a bottle to help prevent dental caries.

Old Orchard’s Kids brand drink is a great example of a healthy juice option. It contains 50% less sugar than regular juices, which cuts the calories down by half! Each 8 oz. serving contains a mere 60 calories and no added sugar or preservatives/colorings. In my book, this is a healthier option. I would still recommend that adults limit their toddler’s intake of all juice to 6-8 oz. and make sure your child is consuming enough of other healthy beverages like water and milk. Parents are also encouraged to provide healthy snacks to toddlers. Examples could include: low sugar cereal, whole grain muffins, fresh fruit (cut into small pieces), whole grain crackers, and cheese cut into small slices.

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