A friend told me that avocado can be substituted for oils in baking recipes, have you ever heard or tried this? If so, what is the equivalency?

You can absolutely substitute avocado for oil in some recipes! Avocados are such a healthy substitution too. They are filled with around 20 vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, which are so important for your overall health. They contain a heart healthy fat (monounsaturated) which can help lower cholesterol levels. And avocados contain more water than oil, so many chefs say that they make their baked goods chewier, softer and less likely to crumble. Many sites suggest substituting mashed avocado for half of a recipe’s oil. Make sure that the avocado is very ripe (soft and mushy to touch). Slice it up and then mash it down to a very smooth consistency (by hand or by food processor). Be sure to take notes if the addition of the avocado changes the recipe in any way (alters the appearance, taste, or bake time). Enjoy!

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