What is the best low-calorie drink?

Great question. You have likely heard me say it before, but as a culture, we consume far too many calories from beverages. That is part of what is contributing to our obesity problem in this country. There are many healthy low calorie beverages to choose from. Water would be the best choice for a low calorie drink. Many people don’t consume near enough and it is one of the most important nutrients for our body. If you are not a big “plain” water fan, liven your water up a bit! They sell containers that help “infuse” flavor into your water. Brookstone has a nice one. You fill up the bottom with your fruit or veggie of choice (strawberries, cucumbers, mint) and the infuser will allow the flavor into the water but it will strain out all the parts that you do not want to swallow. It is a great device and many of my patients tell me they like it. If you don’t want to spend the money, simply cut up fruit or veggies and let them steep into a jug of water. The flavor is fantastic. Personally, my favorite low cal drink is Old Orchard’s Healthy Balance juice. There are only ~6 grams of sugar and a mere 29 calories per serving. The flavor variety is fantastic (my personal fave is Apple Cranberry) and it provides a lot of vitamin C. There are various other low sugar juices on the market in addition to flavor powders to add to water (if you need more flavor). They even have drops of flavor that you can add to water that can help add flavor. Whatever you choose, make sure you are staying hydrated, especially when the temperature warms up!!

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