What is the best diet to lose weight fast?

I have written on this subject a few times before. Diets that claim they can help you lose large amounts of weight quickly are not only unhealthy, but also may be dangerous. I have had several patients try to drop weight fast by using colonic cleanses or by taking herbal stimulants, which can be damaging to one’s system. It seems that there is a new “miracle” weight loss diet invented each day. Some diet plans consist of eliminating entire food groups or pairing various foods together to help you achieve weight loss. Other diets suggest that you eat according to your blood type. A vast majority of Americans take part in dieting each year. Unfortunately, statistics show that approximately 66% of Americans are still overweight or obese and these restrictive diets are just not working.
So to speak to your question directly, I am not a proponent of quick/fast fixes for weight loss. But, if you are hoping to get ready for a special event (wedding or school reunion), there are a few things that you could safely try. First make sure you are consuming plenty of water to ensure your body’s metabolism and systems run properly. Now make sure you are not filling up on foods high in sodium. Foods filled with sodium will contribute towards water retention and getting rid of these foods from your diet will help you lose a few pounds (even though you would only be shedding water weight). Same goes for certain starches. I recommend reducing overall starch consumption for a few days (rice, bread, cereal, pasta etc). Normally these foods (when whole grain options are chosen) are very good for you and are an integral part of a healthy diet. But, if you are looking to shed some water weight, limit starch intake for a few days. But limit starches/complex carbohydrates for a few days only. I would recommend consuming many fruits and vegetables, lean proteins like egg whites, skinless chicken breasts, nonfat dairy products, and soy products during these days. These are great sources of protein and should help you to stay fuller longer.

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