Could you please give us examples of low glycemic snacks?

Great question! The glycemic index (GI) was originally developed to help people better manage their food intake and blood sugar levels. It is a scale from 1-100 and ranks carbohydrate-rich foods by the amount that they raise blood glucose levels. So, someone with diabetes or high blood sugar should aim to limit foods with a high GI index because they raise blood sugar levels higher and quicker than other foods. Foods that are lower on the GI index are generally considered “healthier” because they typically raise glucose levels slowly, which can help improve your blood sugar levels after a meal. Low GI foods also tend to be higher in fiber, which can help you to feel fuller longer. This is important in maintaining a healthy weight.

There are many ways to snack on foods that are lower on the glycemic index. A healthy and delicious snack could be a small bowl of steel cut oats topped with fresh blueberries. You may choose a slice of 100% whole grain bread and top with natural peanut butter or select a sweet potato topped with steamed broccoli and parmesan cheese. I personally am a huge fan of barley! Sometimes I will take plain leftover barley and add a little goat cheese and light vinaigrette and have that as a snack. You could take apple slices and top with 2% sharp cheddar cheese or bake some chickpeas topped with paprika for a crunchy treat. Plain Greek yogurt topped with crunchy bran cereal can also make a satisfying snack!

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