I am pregnant with my second child at 30 weeks. I have been eating better and staying active, but I still get a major sweet tooth! What are some ways I can still get some sweets without feeling so guilty or sick after? My daughter and I love to share dessert but I wish I had a way to make it healthy and fun!

I think it is fantastic that you are striving to healthfully improve the dessert choices for you and your daughter! Kids learn so much about food and nutrition from their parents. This is a perfect time to talk to her about the importance of good nutrition and then you two can bond while creating some sweet and delicious and healthy snacks!
One of my personal favorite homemade snacks is chocolate covered strawberries. I recommend using dark chocolate, which is high in healthy flavonoids and strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C. While you are dipping your strawberries, you could always use the melted chocolate to make frozen banana treats. Slice a banana in half and freeze it. Once frozen, take it out and dip in the melted chocolate and then you can roll it in granola or whatever crunchy topping you desire!

I have said this a lot, but fruit smoothies are one of my absolute go to healthy snacks when I am craving something sweet. I choose fresh or frozen fruit, grab plain Greek yogurt, chia seeds or almonds, and milk. Your daughter could always be in charge of picking the fruit for the smoothie and you can add the rest of the ingredients. You and your daughter could make your own trail mix also! Pick out your favorite nut (I like almonds) and combine with some chocolate candies, dried fruit, and seeds. A dish that your daughter may be able to assemble all by herself is a yogurt parfait! Grab a parfait glass or a clear bowl and layer in yogurt, fresh fruit, and granola or crumbled graham crackers. It will not only taste delicious but give you a nice dose of fiber and vitamins. Finally, If you are looking for a sweet treat while you travel, pack a small baggie with animal crackers or fill a travel mug with hot chocolate made with skim milk!

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