Hi Amy! Would you agree with this statement?..If you abuse your body by not feeding it any nourishment at all, as a way of hoping to lose body weight and/or fat, then your is only going to start storing that body fat away, rather than burning any of it, because the body becomes too hungry?

Your statement is correct. Our body requires many nutrients to support all our body’s systems. I urge my patients to remember that taking in too few calories may result in immediate weight loss but it is very hard to sustain this loss, as one’s metabolism will adjust to the lack of calories and begin to slow down. It is sometimes called the “desert island” theory. If you were caught on a desert island without food, you would likely lose weight rapidly at first but then, as your body senses that it will not get food, it begins to “preserve” its “reserves” and the weight loss will slow. When you don’t have adequate calories you will find yourself becoming more fatigued with decreased concentration. You might find yourself nauseated and irritable and shaky. This may result in you focusing on and fantasizing about food…which may end in you overeating and gaining all the weight back (and then some). This cycle of “Yo-Yo” dieting is dangerous because as you lose and gain weight repeatedly, much of the weight you regain will occur in your abdominal area. This “apple” shape will increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes. So, I suggest finding a calorie amount that is healthy for you and try to find ways to eat healthy foods to reach this daily calorie goal!

I encourage my patients to avoid drastically reducing calorie intake and instead choose the old fashioned approach to watching their figure:

1. plan ahead and choose healthy but satisfying nutrient-dense foods
2. watch portion sizes
3. avoid consuming too many liquid calories
4. allow room for “fun” in your eating plan.

You can bolster your chances of eating healthy by filling your pantry and refrigerator with “good for you” foods. This can help support a healthy metabolism that gives you energy, builds and repairs muscle and tissue, and supports all of your body’s vital systems.

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