is it healthier to make my juice from scratch or buy Old Orchard juice?

This is a great question and it is one I hear almost every day. Many of my patients tell me that they have struggle getting adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables so they ask me if they can just juice instead. I always try to get my patients to consume the whole fruit or vegetable but if they cannot complete this goal, both homemade and store bought juices (in moderation) can be a good thing.

There are certainly many health benefits to juice, both homemade and brand name. It is filled with disease fighting vitamins and minerals. It is a great source of fluid, which helps to keep us hydrated, and let’s face it. It tastes great! But, I like to remind people that, while juice can be a healthy addition to our diet, the key is “balance and moderation.”

The possible benefits to homemade juice:
Fiber: some fancy blenders and food processors allow you to juice the entire fruit and/or vegetable. That means you get to consume the fiber from the produce, which is excellent for your health.

Creativity: it is true, often times juice companies (Old Orchard included) have many unique and original flavorings and juice blends. But juicing at home allows you to be as creative as possible in making your desired flavor.

Environmentally friendly: making juice at home can help reduce use of plastic and reduce trash.

The possible benefits of store bought juice:
Ease: depending on what type of juice you are trying to make, the process could be very involved. You have to assemble all the produce that will go into the juicer. Wash (and peel/remove core) the produce and get it ready to go into the juicer. Also keep in mind you have to use just the right amounts of various produce to create a great tasting drink, so measuring and portioning the produce out will be a factor also.

Time savings: the one thing that many people have in common is the “busy factor.” We are all very busy working, going to school, raising kids, taking care of a household etc. Given all these responsibilities, many times we don’t have a lot of extra time to assemble the juicing ingredients, wash the produce, peel, blend etc. Old Orchard juice is convenient and available at thousands of grocery stores across the country.

Cost: there are certainly times where making your own juice is cheaper. If the fruits and/or veggies are on sale or if you opt for frozen variety, you may in fact pay less than store bought juice. But given the right sale and the right coupons, you can get many types of juice (Old Orchard included) for a steal!

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