I am caring for my Mom. She needs to keep her POTASSIUM intake very low due to one nonfunctionng kidney and one functioning at 40%. It is EXTREMELY difficult to find food products which will list the POTASSIUM levels. What are the levels for your drinks?

It is great that you are able to care for your mom, and that you are taking active interest in helping her manage her diet. The kidneys are responsible for keeping our blood clean and chemically balanced. As you mentioned, your mom’s kidneys are not operating to their fullest potential and may lead her to many health issues. One job of the kidneys is to regulate our potassium levels. When there is a non-functioning kidney, potassium can build up in our blood stream which could lead to heart rate irregularities. So, it is wise that you are monitoring her potassium intake. Foods typically very high in potassium are fruits and vegetables. But with good choices it is possible to maintain healthy potassium levels. You can go to: http://www.kidney.org/atoz/content/potassium.cfm for a full list of foods both high and low in potassium. Keep in mind that the processing of various foods can have impact on potassium levels. Take tomatoes for example. Fresh tomatoes contain ~400 mg of potassium. Tomato paste or tomato puree may contain >2,000 mg of potassium.

When it comes to juice, orange juice and tomato juice are the highest in potassium. Old Orchard has a wide variety of juices that are considered low in potassium (cranberry juice, apple juice, etc.). I would recommend speaking with your mom’s doctor and figuring out what her limit for potassium intake should be and then I would diligently start checking labels of various products to determine potassium levels. Old Orchard has a fantastic juice line called “Healthy Balance.” This juice is low in potassium and only contains ~25-45 mg per serving! This would fit nicely into your mom’s low potassium diet. Healthy Balance comes in a variety of tasty flavors and is low in sugar, which is good for us all!

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