How can I persuade my family to eat more whole grains? I buy whole wheat pasta and brown rice, and they all complain about the taste. Same for whole wheat bread. How can I hide whole grains in my cooking so they won't complain all the time?! It is good that you are choosing those high fiber foods for your family. I do understand that some kids and even adults can be apprehensive about trying new things. Many times there is a fear that the food will not taste the same or will taste “healthy”. I would begin by finding areas in your family’s diet where you may be able to sneak whole grains in without your family knowing. For breakfast use a cereal that is high in fiber but then top it with a little of your kids’ favorite sugary cereal. Use half whole wheat flour and half white flour when baking for your family. When using pasta, try to find whole grain pasta that has various colors. Your kids may be distracted by the fun way that the food looks and forget that it is whole wheat. At lunchtime make sandwiches with whole grain bread and then have your kids use cookie cutters to create different shapes. This will get your kids involved in the prep process and again may distract them from realizing that they are eating whole wheat. Finally, when making soup, get your family involved by asking them to pre cut their favorite vegetables or have them help add the chicken. They will be so involved in the creation of dinner that they won’t notice that you added a little brown rice! Login to Favorite