What is the best juice to drink when you have the flu?

This question could not come at a better time. According to the Center for Disease Control, about 7.1 percent of all Americans seeking medical care now have flu symptoms, and the number is still rising. This flu season is deadly, with the latest figures indicating that 53 children and teenagers have died of flu and its consequences, including pneumonia, meningitis and sepsis.

This year’s flu hits close to home for me. I was diagnosed with influenza A last week and let me tell you…I have never felt worse in my whole life. I had full body aches, a fever coupled with a horrendous cough and my brain felt like it was pounding out of my skull. Another interesting flu side effect was that I had absolutely no desire to eat or drink. This was a strange sensation (or lack thereof) because I have never had an issue with eating. If you or a loved one is not eating well, encourage them to drink liquids. Avoid alcohol or drinks with caffeine in them such as colas, tea, and coffee. Even though I wasn’t thirsty I pushed myself to consume adequate fluids because I knew how important it was to keep my body’s systems working properly. I chose plain old ice water at first and eventually I added 100% fruit juice (which happened to be Old Orchard’s Apple Cranberry). I drank a few glasses a day and chose the Apple Cranberry because it isn’t too tart and has a refreshing flavor. Your juice should not only taste good but also help settle your stomach. Some folks like apple juice for this reason and others lean towards grape juice. I would recommend choosing a brand that is 100% fruit juice and skip any juices that say “fruit punch” or any “fruit juice cocktail”. Old Orchard has great variety of 100% Juice Blends with bold, refreshing flavors blends that can’t be beat. When you start to eat normally again, feel free to continue to consume juice but if you are watching your weight, you may want to dilute the juice with water or choose a low calorie juice, like Old Orchard’s Healthy Balance Juices, a low-cal, low-sugar line that keeps all the goodness — without all the carbs.

Consuming the right kind of food when you are sick can also be an important part of the healing process. I recommend choosing foods that are somewhat bland and that do not have much of an odor. Personally, I managed a few Fig Newton cookies and then some chicken broth on day one. Day two I was able to get a little more chicken broth and added some crackers down and ended the day with half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Select foods that are not too high in added fat and sugar. I would skip any fried foods and limit candy, cookies, cake and sweets during that time. Your body needs healthy fuel to help speed up the healing process!

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