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How do Game Hub Tournaments Work?

Each tournament lasts for 3 days and at least 3 players must play in a tournament in order for it to count. There is no limit to the number of times you can play in each tournament - but only your best score will show up on the leaderboard. When a tournamnent ends, trophies are awarded to the top three spots. And each trophy can be converted into Reward Points.

How to Win Reward Points?

You earn Reward Points for every trophy you win in a Game Hub Tournament. And the more people who play in a tournament, the higher the point value of each trophy. Each player that plays in a tournament adds 10 Reward Points to the Tournament pool.

For example, if 10 people play in a tournmanet, there will be 100 Reward Points available to win. (10 Players x 10 Points Per Player)

  • 1st Place gets 50% of the points pool (50 points).
  • 2nd Place gets 30% of the points pool (30 points).
  • 3st Place gets 20% of the points pool (20 points).

You can also win Reward Points by sharing tournaments and scores on Facebook using the "Share on Facebook" buttons on tournament leaderboards and listings. You earn 10 points each time you share on Facebook (up to 5x a day).

How to Claim Reward Points?

Reward Points earned by winning achievements can be claimed in the Achievements & Rewards section of your Game Hub Member Profile. Achievements with unclaimed reward points are highlighted in blue. You can view a list of all achievements with unclaimed Rewards Points here. Reward Points are claimed by clicking on the "Claim Points" link for eligible achievements. You can claim up to four achievements for points each week.

What Can I Get with My Reward Points?

Reward Points are redeemable for prizes and merchandise in the Old Orchard Rewards Store, such as Free Juice Coupons, t-shirts, water bottles, tote bags, and more.

How to Join a Tournament?

To join a tournament, simply click the Play button next to the tournament name and make sure you complete the game. Find Tournaments

How will I know if I won a tournament trophy?

Once a tournament has ended, you can either check the leaderboard for that tournmaent or check your Your Achievments List

Why Can't I Find My Achievement

Achievements are processed at the top of every hour. So if your tournament ended in the previous hour, check back after the top of hour and your trophy will be added to your Achievements list.

How do I Contact Support

If your question is not answered here or you need help with an issue, feel free to submit a support request.

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